Bio: I'm an advocate and autism consultant. Mostly, I am the proud mama of 3-- Butter, age 21, is creatively artistic and funny, non-verbal and severely autistic… among other things! Bubby (the name he gave himself when his sister was born) is 17 and obsessed with soccer, hockey, and girls (not necessarily in that order). Bee is our 7 year old daughter, who has a fantastic imagination and is completely immersed in her own pretend play almost ALL the time. It may not sound like autism from that description, but she has many traits that are indicative of ASD. Her preschool teachers requested a formal eval when she was 4, but the behaviors were not significant enough to give her a diagnosis. I've been happily married to my best friend for 20+ years, mostly because he leaves all the autism-related decisions to me! I am a former English teacher, now a paid autism consultant and trainer of advocates. Butter graduated high school, and was home for a year without structured services because Maine has a long waiting list for adult supports. Now he has a part-time day program and we're starting down the very daunting road of finding him his own place in the world-- whatever that may look like. Most days, my goal is to administer meds on time and have a bra on if someone stops by unannounced. Oh yeah, and to have time for ME. (Bwahahahaha - bursts of laughter fill the room!) If you want to read some life lessons and observations of a 40-something mother, wandering the hills and valleys of autism with a sense of humor and a glass of wine, then you've come to the right blog.

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