Self-doubt and Poultry

Life is full of those moments that give you pause to question if you are truly that person you’ve been telling yourself you are.
Big, obvious moments.
Smaller, more subtle circumstances.
Here I sit, with a sweet baby chick that cannot walk.
She walked for a few hours on the day she was born, and then stopped. Regressed.
The other chicks were picking on her, so I intervened and put her in a safe place. She was lonely there, clearly wanting to be back with her physically capable hatchlings. She was quicker to forgive their cruelty than I would have been.
She has been given vitamins, special feedings, and medicine. Custom-made braces for her legs and feet. Leg exercises. Occu-poultry-tional Therapy, if you will.
She is still not like the other chicks.
They still pick on her when she tries to join them.
Nature’s pecking order cannot be denied.
When is it enough?
Is there a time when one says, “It is what it is…” and accepts things as they are?
Would I be accepting? Or giving up?
And who is judging?
It’s heartbreaking, wondering if I’m making the right choices for this chick. Should I be doing more? Less? Am I talking to the right professionals? Am I asking the right questions? Am I even competent to be making these choices? I have no background in chicken podiatry, after all.
So here I sit, with a sweet baby chick that cannot walk.

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